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Ascend Hospitality – Digital Illustration, Package Design, Marketing, Ads

Quezada Consulting – Proposal Design, Long-form Layout, Typography

University of Washington – Booklet Design

WSOE – Brand, Social Media, Esports

CYP – Brand Design, Packaging Design & Production

ESTARS STUDIOS – Illustration, Presentations, Booklet, Logo

MILEPOST CONSULTING – Catalogs, Flyers, Iconography

DUPLE DRAGON – Game Dev, Web, UI, 3D, Animation

BLUE C SUSHI – Brand, Menus, Signs, Dimensional, Apparel

NIOBE – Game Dev, Pixel Art, Logo, UI, Animation

GRAVEYARD SMASH – Game Dev, Logo, UI, Layout

KAISHO – Brand, Menus, Print Effects

WHITE INK – Advanced Print Setup & Effects

SMALL PROJECTS – Print Pieces, Logos, Movie Posters